saffron is a plant from genus iridacae.
It   has  beautiful  violet  flower,   there   dazzeling
colored stigmas, and pleasant aroma and flavor
the  stigmas  are  dark red  &  considered as the
most precious spice of Iran. Iran produces more
than %70 of world saffron production.among the
saffron producing states,Khorasan at north-east
of Iran, produces  98 of  persian  saffron with the
best quality in the world.
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The co-ordination of  taste,  flavor, color & aroma
of  saffron, as  a spice is unique.in addition to its
characteristic,saffron has other properties which
adds to its perfection.Among those :
saffron  improves  intelligence, has  aphrodisiac
property and  has  refreshing effect on heart and
circulatory  system. Most  saffron  is  used  as  a
spice  in  cooking. Spanish  and  French cuisine
favour the  use of  saffron, for  example in paella,
arroz con pollo and buillabaisse.
It is often used in chicken and fish dishes.
However,  saffron finds  its  way into  the cuisine
of   many   European  and   Asian   countries,
especially in festive fare.
Special  Christmas  bread   and  buns  using
saffron are traditional in Sweden.
Saffron  cakes are another  speciality in parts
of England.