Kian  Saffron  products  categorize  in  to  8
categories. categories A to E include dried
and  dark red  filaments  that  are  trumpet
shaped and  may  be isolated or joined  in
two or three at the  end of a  portion of  the
filament & category F is powder.

Kian "A" -  The percentage  of  floral  waste in
this  product  is  less (  Max.  %4 m/m  ). This
saffron  is  voluminous   and  the length of its
filaments is (10-20 mm).
According  to   ISO  3632   ,It  is   placed  in
category II .( It`s called Pushali )

Kian "B" -  Floral waste  in this product is very
less ( Max. %0.5 mm ) & almost has not style
( white portion )  The length of  it`s filament is
(10-20 mm).
According to ISO 3632, it is placed in category I.
( It’s called EXTRA CUT )

Kian"C" -  Floral  waste  in  this  product is Max.
%10 m/m ( It's called MANCHA)

Kian "D" -  Floral  waste  in  this  product is Max.
%20 m/m ( It's called RIO )

Kian "E" -  Combination  of   complete   saffron
filaments grouped together and its floral waste
is about (%30-40 m/m).   ( It’s called BUNCH )

Kian "F" -  This  powder  of  Kian "B" quality.

Kian G" - This   product contains  of  yellow
portion  of  saffron  filament.
It  means  it  has  not  any  red  part.

Kian "H" -  This  is pollen  of saffron flower.