We are looking to the future . . . .
Kian Saffron Co.

stepped in  the  Iranian  economical  era with  the
aim of expanding  our countrys  exporting market.
Consequently, at a time ,when exporting is under
constant challenge from those  whom just export,
Kian Saffron Co.  undertook  to  prepare a Saffron
packaging and exporting company that meets the
international standards in every aspects.    As the
major Saffron producer in the world , Iran still has
not found her real place in the world market.
Obviously   this   is  not  related  to   the  quality  of
saffron, but it is because of unmethodical exports.
We  believe Iranian Saffron has the best quality in
the world  and we prove it.  In the  preparation of a
work  with such a  quality  and magnitude we had
the enthusiastic co-operation of many scholars in
the   appropriate  technological  fields of  greatest
significance, perhaps, has been the international
standard of our design and production.
The  team  of  Kian  Saffron  Co.  specialists  are
working endlessly to keep the production quality
up   to    the   international    standard   sand   we
guarantee    to   deliver    the   product   on    time,
regularly, permanently & according to customers
We  believe  that quality can  never be accidental
but it is the result of a demanded quality system.