Classic Hot Red Unique Flower
Saba Sahara Rain Snow

We believe that packing is an art.
the  real art  is to deliver  the goods  in  perfect
condition  and we guarantee  that our  product
will  be reached  to  our  customer  all over the
world in prime condition.
our packing are assuredof suitable mechanical
property , complete  vision, air  and  water  tight,
environmental friendly and health.
This  important is done  by  modern  automatic
machinery.              Active  Kian  Saffron  design
department is responsible to design of saffron
packages with  observation of market situation
and customer required specification.
Those   will  be   done  with   aid  of  modern
electronic equipment and qualified personnel.
All  design  activities   including   design  input,
output,change, review,  verification & validation
will be done according  with "ISO 9001- 1994".
Kian Saffron department welcomes
& respects your suggestion. We pack saffron
in 0.25 gr to 500 gr superior export packages.